22 February 2022

A representación da infancia e a vellez a través das ilustracións da LIX

Abstract Childhood and old age, two apparently converse stages because they are placed in opposite sides of the lifeline, are the topic of reflection and the […]
31 January 2022

De imagen presente: el caso de “Memento mori”

Abstract Presentation from a didactic approach of the main questions raised by the genre of allegory in the visual arts, starting from its definition and general […]
27 January 2022

Childhood and confinement. Resistance Space Practices

Abstract This study presents a reflection on the relationship between space, play and childhood and the ability to reinvent contexts through a proposal of spatial practices. […]
31 December 2017

Theatre, Childhood and School: reflections about the dramatic genre in Children’s Literature

Abstract Theatre and childhood have established a strong and productive relationship since children were considered a possible specific audience of these works. Children’s theatre has been […]