Book chapter

13 October 2022

Comics, illustration and literature in Galicia. From the written press to the current graphic novel

Abstract The relationship between illustration, literature and comics is, in general way, this paper’s aim of discussion –insisting on the particularities of this artistic modality. After […]
15 September 2022

Collaborative projects through Arts Education

Abstract This chapter describes the collaborative teaching work carried out in the optional subject of the 4th year of the Early Childhood Education Degree, Integrated Projects […]
15 September 2022

Modular Structures and Art for Early Childhood Education

Abstract This chapter refers to an art education experience that consists of making three-dimensional grids to configure modular structures. The activity is carried out with future […]
13 September 2022

Approaches to the environment through arts education or ArtEducation

Abstract Environmental problems and other sustainability crises call for our action and commitment as stated in the Roadmap for Sustainable Education. Arts education or ArtEducation can […]
13 September 2022

«Cocineros de cuentos. Escribir e ilustrar para el fomento de la creatividad»

Abstract New methodologies are slowly penetrating the different levels of the education system and gaining ground over traditional school practices. An example of this are the […]
13 September 2022

Music and sustainable development: weaving networks in the classroom

Abstract Concern for the care of the environment, natural resources and climate change are issues that have been incorporated as cross-cutting themes in the current curriculum. […]
13 September 2022

Breaking the mould at school: creative women as the backbone of project work

Abstract The school is one of the institutions with formative responsibility for young people capable of alleviating the limiting masculinisation present in different fields, including filmmaking. […]
13 September 2022

Projecting scenarios for action. Towards shared creativity

Abstract Against the passivity, limitation, and rigidity of the strict application of the official curriculum in schools and other non-formal educational settings, our duty as teachers […]
13 September 2022

Art, sculpture and gender

Abstract It is common for arts education projects to have an important interdisciplinary component. The projects we propose to our students, in their teacher training stage, […]
12 September 2022

(Re)creating old stories in new formats: a literary-artistic approach

Abstract The wonderful tale is defined and characterised, the different types of rewriting and creative techniques for the promotion of literary writing are related, and the […]