18 March 2022

Música y Educación Ambiental: una experiencia interdisciplinar

Abstract This paper presents an experience carried out in a community school in the region of Brussels during the 2015/2016 academic year, with students between 5 […]
9 March 2022

Música y tecnología: Áreas de competencias para la formación del profesorado

  • Carol Gillanders
  • Luís Miguel Crespo Caride
  • 2018
  • AFOE. Asociación para la Formación, el Ocio y el Empleo
Abstract The integration of digital technologies in the classrooms of the 21st century and digital competence constitute some of the challenges that teachers of all educational […]
9 March 2022

Música para la concienciación ambiental: El proyecto tierra

Abstract This service-learning initiative combines educational research into the use of music as a teaching resource for environmental education with a practical experience of classroom intervention. […]
9 March 2022

Música en el museo: Proyecto didáctico de sonorización del Museo de Zoología

Abstract This experience describes a sound and music didactic project developed at the Zoology Museum of the Free University of Brussels. The experience took place at […]
21 February 2022

Music and emotions: guidelines for inclusion in initial teacher training for children and primary school teachers

Abstract Peoples’ reactions to music have been subject of study since the ancient civilizations. The present article offers a brief summary of music history with the […]
18 February 2022

Doctoral research in music education in Brazil: meta-analysis and thematic trends of 300 theses

Abstract The aim of this research is to analyse the development of music education as a scientific field in Brazil. We found 300 theses that deal […]
8 February 2022

Music for the environment: a pedagogical tool

Abstract Music, understood as language, helps to disseminate information, to increase social awareness and to encourage responsibility. By using music as a channel for environmental education, […]