Journal article

31 December 2021

A words problem. The poetics of Xela Arias

Abstract Xela Arias’ views on writing reflected in autopoetic texts, lectures or interviews enables the reconstruction of a metaliterary discourse that not only defines the basis […]
25 October 2021

Counter-maps of the “Camino”. Memories of the way of living

Abstract The following article highlights the importance of educating in the context and in common life for the construction of a collective memory, reestablishing identity bonds, […]
29 December 2020

Indian School Architecture in the Compostela region: the Case of Ames’ Council

Abstract From the mid-nineteenth century to the 1930s, Galicia became an exporter of migrant labor to America. When they return to Galicia, these migrants introduced into […]
29 December 2018

Science-Fiction manga: Dystopia as a reflect of the Japanese society concerns

Abstract In today’s society, manga has become an important Japanese cultural industry that has been exported to the whole globe. Because of this, its main social […]
31 December 2017

Theatre, Childhood and School: reflections about the dramatic genre in Children’s Literature

Abstract Theatre and childhood have established a strong and productive relationship since children were considered a possible specific audience of these works. Children’s theatre has been […]
31 December 2017

“Ilduara Eirz poems”, by Chus Pato

Abstract Recovery and edition of a collection of poems by Chus Pato that appeared in a handmade edition folder.
31 December 2017

Galician Literature 2016

31 December 2017

Teaching collaboration in Plastic Expression Faculty: Artistic education projects

Abstract This article explores the circumstances that new teachers face at the beginning of their work at a university teacher training institution: the relationships that they […]
31 December 2017

humABC: a photographic project

Abstract In this text, the piece of work of a participant in the photography workshops that I have been giving to adolescents for five years is […]
29 December 2017

Literature, cinema, video game and comic: The transmediality in The Warriors

Abstract In today’s society, Henry Jenkin’s transmediality concept is regular in the narrative media, making a constant comunication betwen supports and extending inmersion in the proposed […]