Journal article

4 March 2022

Proposal of an emotional intelligence model applied to the reading experience in scholar contexts

Abstract The consideration of the reading emotional dimension in teacher plannings is one of the most important educational innovations in the field of Language and Literature […]
3 March 2022

Las otras vidas del libro de arte colaborativo

3 March 2022

Music education and service-learning: a case study in Primary Education teacher training

Abstract The case study presented in this article aims to analyse the impact of the implementation of a service-learning project in the subject ‘Music for Primary […]
3 March 2022

Casas-Mapa. Espazos da Memoria

Abstract This study the subject of the influence that the spaces where we develop our daily activity exert upon us and also explores the story-telling and […]
3 March 2022

Aturuxo Films: Imaxinando músicas: Alfabetización cinematográfica

Abstract Film language literacy project with the aim of educating a reflective and critical look at the media and audiovisual content circulating on the Internet and […]
3 March 2022

As outras cen linguaxes na infancia: Deseño dunha proposta educativa de accións colaborativas

Abstract This publication presents the design of an interdisciplinary educational experience with the main objective of finding simple resources for families and teachers based on the […]
3 March 2022

Stopmotion’ film adaptations of Roald Dahl’s ‘James and the Giant Peach’ and ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’

Abstract The aim of this short article is to analyse the use of stopmotion filmmaking technique in two animation films based on Roald Dahl’s (United Kingdom, […]
3 March 2022

Espazo-Acción. Un estudo sobre as relacións entre estética-ideoloxía e forma-acción aplicadas ao deseño dos espazos de uso comunitario

Abstract This study explores the symbolic and material dimension of forms in relation to those who experience them, it explores the capacity of space to reflect […]
3 March 2022

A poesía galega de Samuel Eiján

Abstract A thematic and stylistic study of Samuel Eiján’s Galician poetry in book form.
21 February 2022

The University and Children and Teen Literature. Teacher Education of Pedro Cerrillo

Abstract There are many debts that, little by little, we are acquiring with the Masters, those people who have known how to sow in each one […]