21 February 2022

Common spaces at school: community projects through Art education

Abstract The playground is one of the first spaces of socialization in which different situations and dynamics are generated simultaneously. We need to research about the […]
21 February 2022

Impact of the use of audiovisual materials for the learning of traditional dances in the training of university students

Abstract The purpose of this article is to get to know the impact the use of audiovisual materials has for the learning of traditional dances in […]
21 February 2022

Cuando llueve NO se moja como los demás. Repensar los espacios comunes de la escuela a través de ArtEducación

Abstract This proposal focuses on the common spaces of the school (playground, transit spaces, green areas…) as areas from which to generate Community ArtEducational projects taking […]
18 February 2022

Doctoral research in music education in Brazil: meta-analysis and thematic trends of 300 theses

Abstract The aim of this research is to analyse the development of music education as a scientific field in Brazil. We found 300 theses that deal […]
16 February 2022

A consumación sexual do amor co monstro no conto de fadas moderno “The Shape of Water” do cineasta Guillermo del Toro

Abstract The myth of love between the monstrosity and the human being has been a constant feature in literary creations of all times from antique times. […]
15 February 2022

Xela Arias. A literatura e a vida, por elección

Abstract Xela Arias: a transgressive, unsubmissive, non-conformist voice, a radical defender of independence. From a position of non-privilege, she questioned alienation, fled from the established, questioned, […]
15 February 2022

Survival kit

Abstract This action was performed during the InSEA European Regional Congress in Lisbon, 2016, in the opening ceremony. 100 kits were distributed with instruction manuals in […]
15 February 2022

Mulleres Espazos e Memoria

11 February 2022

Animation Techniques and Image Aesthetics in the Rewriting for the Big Screen of Fantastic Children and Youth Literature Broadcast in Spain (1996-2019)

Abstract Currently, there is a lack of research and theoretical studies on children and family mov­ies, which makes it difficult to point out curricular developments on […]
9 February 2022

Towards the inclusion of a gender perspective in arts projects: a case study in secondary teacher training

Abstract This case study reviews the impact of the design and implementation of Arts projects in secondary teacher training that aim to introduce a gender perspective. […]