27 January 2022

Childhood and confinement. Resistance Space Practices

Abstract This study presents a reflection on the relationship between space, play and childhood and the ability to reinvent contexts through a proposal of spatial practices. […]
27 January 2022

The 30 theses on school music teaching developed in Brazil from 1998 to 2017

Abstract This research analyzes the development of school music education as a scientific field in Brazil. After finding 300 doctoral theses in music education defended in […]
27 January 2022

Approach to Ibero-American Research in Music Education

Abstract The historical path followed by research in music education is clearly defined and studied in the Anglo-Saxon context. In Spain there are several works that […]
14 January 2022

Man or wolf? Mowgli the cub-human’s quest for belonging in literature and film

31 December 2021

A words problem. The poetics of Xela Arias

Abstract Xela Arias’ views on writing reflected in autopoetic texts, lectures or interviews enables the reconstruction of a metaliterary discourse that not only defines the basis […]
31 December 2021

The generational loneliness of Xela Arias

31 December 2021

The Sounds of the Ocean: An environmental education experience through music

8 November 2021

The Way and pilgrimages in the LIX (Compostela on the horizon)

Abstract The members of the Thematic Research Network «The Children’s and Youth Literatures of the Iberian and Ibero-American Framework» (LIJMI) bring together in this volume, under […]
28 October 2021

Boletín Galego de Literatura

  • 2020
Breve descrición O Boletín Galego de Literatura (BGL) é unha publicación científica de acceso libre e periodicidade semestral, editada polo Grupo de Investigación LITER21 (GI-1839-Literatura galega. […]
25 October 2021

Counter-maps of the “Camino”. Memories of the way of living

Abstract The following article highlights the importance of educating in the context and in common life for the construction of a collective memory, reestablishing identity bonds, […]