2 June 2022

‘Drawing Words’: Historical Perspective of Illustration in Literature for Children and Young Adults Literature in Galicia, 1927-2007

Abstract The present study will offer an analysis of the images in books illustrated between 1927-2010 from a plastic, composition and aesthetic point of view. In […]
1 June 2022

Cunqueiro in “El Pueblo Gallego”

Abstract This paper aims to describe Alvaro Cunqueiro’s articles in El Pueblo Gallego (Vigo) before the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War. The texts are analysed […]
1 June 2022

Characterization of the fantasy genre of Children and Young Adults Literature

Abstract Nowadays, it’s still difficult to specify the reach of the term fantasy literature. On the other hand, this same name refers to very different literary […]
1 June 2022

Bibliografía da Literatura Infantil e Xuvenil Galega ata 2008

Abstract The bibliographic records of all the exempt works published in the Galician language throughout the 20th century and until 2008 are compiled, thus offering a […]
12 May 2022

Media Literacy in the Classroom. Aturuxo Films

Abstract This article tackles the ongoing discussion on the implementation of media literacy related contents into the education system. It introduces “Aturuxo Films”, an educational project […]
10 May 2022

A Words Problem. The Poetics of Xela Arias.

Abstract Xela Arias’ views on writing reflected in autopoetic texts, lectures or interviews enables the reconstruction of a metaliterary discourse that not only defines the basis […]
10 May 2022

La deconstrucción de identidades coertivas mediante la reescritura de arquetipos en Nimona, de Noelle Stevenson

10 May 2022

Expanding learning environments in initial teacher education

Abstract The development of a collaborative culture in the teaching profession is a challenge that ought to be addressed in initial teacher education. The involvement in […]
21 April 2022

Self-portrait in the photo booth: self-representation in the selfie era, a Photo-based Educational Research Project

Abstract This visual essay is the result of an inquiry that analyses the selfie with students in the art teacher training programme in the Faculty of […]
22 March 2022

Espazos, Xentes, Lavadoiros. Unha experiencia interxeracional coa veciñanza